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Print media = more space to play

Words by: Print Power
Instagram design bible LogoArchive joins the indie mag revolution. And for bloody good reason

Meet designer Richard Baird, whose minimalist, monochrome take on mid-century logo design has earned him well over 100,000 Instagram followers and a bucket load of acclaim from design-y types far and wide. Why should you care? Well, as of this July, LogoArchive made its print media debut in the form of a quarterly magazine…

In the new zine, now on its second issue, Baird treats the mid-century symbol as a “vehicle for material experimentation and conceptual exploration”. And in print media, away from the trappings of social media, the logo & brand identity designer has plenty of space to play in.

Unlike ‘the gram’, “[magazines, or zines] can be reconfigured and reformatted time and again. In print there is more space to try experiments. Experiments that might otherwise be lost in the momentary milieu of Instagram.”

Says Baird, “as an Instagram account, the project is founded on an enthusiasm for a well-crafted symbol. In print, it was never conceived as a document with a singular intention; the simple documentation of symbols. Rather, it is a delivery mode in which to build a story and share thoughts.”


Asked what future issues might look like, Baird says simply “I have no idea.” And that “is an essential part of the project.”

For now, he joins a growing swell of creatives trying their hand at more traditional mediums. A swell he puts down to the “rise of the niche”. Just look at Somerset House’s recent exhibition on the British indie magazine scene for proof.

As for the numbers, Richard has printed a run of 600 for each issue, and sold a total of 1200 copies across 24 countries. As of mid October, there were only five left. Incentive enough to print another 600 for issue 3 (coming November).

“The magazine,” he says, “is really just a material manifestation of the online community or forum; of the ability to connect a small group of dispersed individuals. Print media gives this sentiment form. It bridges a physical divide and creates a physical connection between people with a shared love or interest.”

Interested? Check out the latest issue of LogoArchive (now sold out everywhere except) here: